Approved!!! – Red Run Cannabis Cultivators’ Cultivation License

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Well, well looks like the state of Alaska will let any bunch of hoodlums get a licence.

Red Run Cannabis Cultivator’s cultivation licence was unanimously approved today at AMCO’S board meeting.

Red Run Cannabis Company’s retail license is on the docket for AMCO’s upcoming October board meeting. Our retail store is expecting to open it’s doors the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned, more to follow.

Major love to all our community members that have been fighting the good fight since the beginning, our very existence is due to the efforts of all the KCCC folks. The City of Kenai and the greater Peninsula Borough is lucky to have such good folks in this wild ass startup industry.

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  1. Margi

    You guys are life-savers. I use weed for my tics (mild tourettes). Will you guys be doing any kind of topicals? If not, whatever, I’ll make my own. Just make sure you open those doors.

  2. Joseph Brunson

    just gotta say, it’s about time that Alaska is stepping up and finally doing the right thing.. I’m from a state, originally, that has had rec shops for a few years now.. and as a former employee at one, from my observations, it’s been nothing but a blessing to the community.. I’ve spoken with customers, police officers and dissenters as well.. most of whom noted that it was much more professional and community friendly than originally imagined, have seen no increase of crime all with the benefits of added local income.. encouraging legal access to cannabis products for adults, is the responsible and ethical thing to do for the community!

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