Pillars of Philsophy


  •  Liberty 

    Upholding the principles of Liberty                                                                                                     


  • Privacy

    Protecting the privacy and vulnerable nature of customer information


  • Sincerity

    Cultivating clarity and win-win relationships.



To ensure Cannabis’s rightful place at the Table of Life.

At the heart of Red Run’s philosophy - create win-win relationships by cultivating a sincere and mindful business environment. From the beginning it was important for Red Run to get a few things right, more than anything else we weren’t interested in wasting peoples’ time with hollow mission statements, marketing gimmicks and lackluster products and services that never quite live up to standards let alone sales pitches and marketing hype.


No business as usual.


Red Run’s philosophy is centered on three basic elements: Sincerity, Science & Liberty.  


Sincerity - Being sincere and cultivating a sincere environment is the key to motivating and driving worthwhile action.  Sincerity is REAL passion at work, it is inclusive, empowering and encompassing.  At Red Run, at every angle - we seek to create win-win relationships that are based upon mutual interest, respect and clear communication.  If we cannot create a win-win situation, we move on until one can be realized.

Science - Respect for science, its methodologies and best practices born from its critical nature drive the strategies and systems within the Red Run enterprise.  Whether its clearly and critically labeling our products, growing our Ganja or speaking to one of our patrons - adherence and respect for science and its methodologies is a major consideration at Red Run.  

Liberty - Ensuring fair consideration and equal access for ALL.  The pillar of Liberty is our most endearing element, without Liberty everything else is pale, meaningless and arbitrary.  The very backbone of Freedom is built upon her comprehension.  Cannabis and its emancipation from the dark conditions drafted and ritualized by confused, conventional, oppressive people - is the primary driving force behind everything we do.